Renewable energy projects approved or under construction will step in to replace the 1,680MW capacity of Liddell power station when it closes in 2022, the Australian Wind Alliance said, with 3,600MW of new wind and solar farms ready to play their part.

Australian Wind Alliance national coordinator Andrew Bray says more than 1,000MW of wind and solar are being built in NSW with a further 2,600MW of projects approved and ready to go (see below).

“Cheap renewables combined with modern solutions like batteries and demand management will keep the system reliable and lower power bills,” Bray said.

“New wind and solar farms will generate power at different times in different parts of the state so their output is highly predictable and dependable. And speedy one-to-two-year construction periods mean these projects can be up and running by 2022.”

The government’s inability to put politics aside and support the transition to clean energy is the real reason much of the country risks blackouts this summer, he said. 

“You can’t fix engineering problems with politics,” Bray said. “The worst response to spiralling energy bills and a fragile system would be to prop up an old clunker like Liddell.”

Liddell is the oldest plant in Australia’s energy grid and failed during the February heatwave in NSW when it was needed most.

NSW Wind and solar projects

Under construction

5 wind farms – 867MW

5 solar farms – 210MW

Total – 1,077MW


11 wind farms – 1,547MW

17 solar farms – 1,115MW

Total – 2,677MW

Approved wind farms

Project Developer WTG MW
Capital II Infigen Approved Southern Tablelands 41 90
Flyers Creek Infigen Approved Central Tablelands 42 145
Coppabella Goldwind Approved Southern Tablelands 79 266
Biala Newtricity Approved Southern Tablelands 31 100
Conroy’s Gap Epuron Approved Southern Tablelands 15 30
Rye Park Tilt Approved Southern Tablelands 92 276
Boco Rock II CWP Renewables Approved Southern Tablelands 55 93.5
Collector RATCH Approved Southern Tablelands 63 214
Glen Innes Nexif Approved Northern Tablelands 25 75
White Rock 2 Goldwind Approved Northern Tablelands 49 122.5
Crudine Ridge CWP Renewables Approved Central Tablelands 77 135
TOTAL 11 569 1,547


Approved solar farms

Project Region MW
Bomen Solar Energy System Riverina 22
Capital Solar South East 50
Gidginbung Solar Farm Riverina 15
Goonumbla Solar Farm Central West 70
Gullen Solar Farm South East 10
Gunnedah Solar Farm North West 27
Kyoto Energy Park Hunter 137
Limondale Solar Western 250
Metz Solar Park Northern Tablelands 100
Moree Solar Farm and Subdivision North West 4
Narromine Solar PV Farm Central West 11
Nevertire Solar Central West 105
Riverina Solar Riverina 30
Sunraysia Solar Western 200
Walgett North West 30
Western plains Solar Energy System Central West 29
Molong Solar Farm Central Tablelands 25
Total 1,115