Malcolm Turnbull has survived a leadership challenge from Peter Dutton this morning.

However, the  result was so narrow it’s set to create ongoing problems for the government moving forward and it also begs the question: where to for the NEG?

Dutton has now resigned from the frontbench creating a big gap in the Cabinet that Turnbull will have to fill. Some Liberals also expect other frontbenchers to quit the ministry, which would cause a major reshuffle. As of this afternoon,  Scott Morrison is acting foreign affairs minister.

Turnbull’s risky move on the NEG, after negotiations over emission targets failed to gain party support, has backfired, as it exposed the weakness of his position and the size of the split between the two factions of the Liberal Party.

In other words, this is a government in crisis over an energy policy that would allow for investments in renewables to continue, that would reduce energy bills for consumers and businesses along with reaching emissions targets agreed to in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Although Dutton has quit, the charge was led by Tony Abbott and his “coalsheviks” who have yet again demonstrated their own self-interest comes before the interest of the country.

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