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Western Australia invests $26m in clean energy boom

The Western Australian Government is set to invest $26.4 million in clean energy components manufacturing.

The funding, revealed in the 2024-25 State Budget, aims to power up the state’s energy manufacturing sector and support the transition to a clean energy future.

The investment includes $18.4 million to roll out an additional 50 locally-built Standalone Power Systems (SPS) across regional Western Australia (WA).

SPS are off-grid power solutions that provide reliable and affordable energy to remote customers through a combination of solar panels, battery storage, and backup generation.

Since 2021, the WA Government has already delivered 56 locally-built SPS, resulting in the removal of around 184km of overhead powerlines in regional areas.

The new funding will enable Horizon Power to install another 50 units in Esperance and the Mid-West region, all of which will be built in WA.

This investment is expected to create a pipeline of work for local manufacturing companies and support the growth of the clean energy sector.

The government will also invest $8 million to support local businesses in manufacturing wind turbine components.

With demand for renewable energy expected to increase significantly, this funding will help unlock opportunities for local businesses in the wind energy supply chain, creating local jobs and strengthening the economy.

The funding will be available as grants to develop wind turbine manufacturing opportunities across the state.

WA Premier Roger Cook emphasised the importance of the energy transition.

“I want to make sure every Western Australian benefits as we move towards a clean energy future,” Cook said.

“We’ve got the wind and solar to power a cleaner, affordable, and reliable energy future for WA, and our investment means it’s local businesses building the parts we need to become a renewable energy powerhouse.”

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