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WATCH: TrinaTracker unveils cutting-edge Vanguard 1P


TrinaTracker, a global leader in solar tracking technology, has released an exciting new video showcasing its latest innovative product – the Vanguard 1P smart tracker.

This next-generation tracker represents a major leap forward, integrating TrinaTracker’s smart control systems and cutting-edge engineering.

According to TrinaTracker, the Vanguard 1P utilises TrinaTracker’s patented spherical bearing and multi-motor system, reducing components by 34 per cent.

It addresses industry challenges like optimising for flat terrains and varying weather conditions, validated through rigorous certification and testing.

The multi-motor system with slewing drive and bi-damper technology allows for ultra-long 140m tracker rows while minimising oscillations. Smart controls, cloud monitoring, and the proprietary SuperTrack algorithm optimise energy yields by up to 8 per cent.

Innovative solutions like shrink tube connectors and spherical bearings reduce installation time and terrain adaptation challenges.

The Vanguard 1P represents the future of solar plants, offering unparalleled stability, efficiency, and ease of installation. Its advanced features bring optimised performance across diverse conditions.

For more information visit TrinaTracker.

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