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WA offshore wind zone consultation opens

Consultations have been officially launched for the proposed Bunbury offshore wind zone, which will unlock thousands of renewable energy jobs and provide cleaner, cheaper energy for Western Australia.

The wind zone, strategically positioned 20km off the state’s coastline, spans an expansive 7674 square kilometres.

According to the Federal Government, the wind zone situates itself strategically to harness high-speed winds from the Indian Ocean, taking advantage of its close proximity to major energy consumers and the potential to generate a substantial 20GW of offshore wind power.

The consultations are open until May 3, 2024, with community information sessions scheduled for March 19-21.

The anticipated development of the Bunbury zone is expected to yield a significant number of skilled and well-compensated jobs, covering a spectrum from engineers and technicians to cable installers and administrative positions.

Proposed initiatives are expected to adhere to stringent criteria, including a commitment to utilising components manufactured in Australia and providing detailed engagement plans with local suppliers, aiming to stimulate economic benefits such as direct job creation and training opportunities.

Chris Bowen, Minister for Climate Change and Energy, said offshore wind energy not only means new job opportunities across Western Australia but would also provide much-needed energy security.

“Offshore wind will be a critical new clean energy industry for Western Australians as electricity demand increases, helping to provide thousands of jobs along the way,” Bowen said.

“The Albanese Government is committed to genuine consultation on offshore wind – that’s why we want communities, industry and businesses to have their say on an offshore wind area off WA from the very beginning.

“We encourage everyone to put in a submission and attend a community consultation session.”

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