The Victorian Government has announced three building companies will develop energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable homes for sale in Melbourne’s high-growth suburbs.

Minister for Energy Lily D’Ambrosio recently announced $2.18 million for Stockland, Metricon Homes and SJD Homes as part of a Zero Net Carbon Homes pilot designed to encourage the construction of high-quality, energy-efficient houses.

The pilot will help drive large-scale development of highly efficient housing by major home building companies, allowing them to be accessible to more Victorians at a low cost.

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio said “This pilot is an opportunity to work with the housing industry to design and build better homes for Victorians. We’re supporting Victorian businesses to develop new homes that provide a lifetime of lower energy costs.”

According to the government the houses will incorporate energy-efficient design features such as extra ceiling and wall insulation, and double glazing to achieve a higher House Energy Rating. High efficiency heating and cooling, water heating, and lighting systems, as well as rooftop solar panels will further cut energy consumption. Additionally, third party as-built verification checks will be undertaken to ensure consumers get what they were promised.

Modelling undertaken by Sustainability Victoria found these purpose-built homes could almost halve energy costs and cut greenhouse gas emissions by around six tonnes a year compared to a standard new home.

The Victorian government is working to ensure the two-million new homes projected to be built in Victoria between 2018 and 2050 lead the way in energy-efficiency and sustainability including putting solar panels, solar hot water or solar batteries on 720,000 homes over the next 10 years through the Solar Homes program – slashing power bills for Victorian households.

The Zero Net Carbon Homes pilot is part of Victoria’s plan to reach a 2050 zero net emissions target.