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Unlocking the potential of commercial energy storage

Growatt has introduced two products to the Australian market, the WIT 50-100K-HU/AU Commercial Storage Inverter series and the Growatt APX 129-200kWh Commercial Battery.

With cutting-edge solutions aimed at redefining efficiency, reliability, and adaptability in commercial energy storage applications, Growatt’s WIT 50-100K-HU/AU Commercial Storage Inverter series and the Growatt APX 129-200kWh Commercial Battery are helping achieve this.

Growatt is encouraging users to embark on a new era of commercial solar energy storage solutions with the WIT 50-100K-HU/AU Commercial Storage Inverter series it offers.

This innovative series offers two distinct models – Hybrid and alternating current (AC)-coupled – catering to a wide spectrum of commercial scenarios.

The Hybrid seamlessly integrates with photovoltaic (PV) panels and batteries, providing a comprehensive solar solution, while the AC-coupled model enhances existing solar systems with advanced energy storage capabilities, the perfect combination for the solution.

The WIT series introduces features that redefine efficiency in commercial energy storage applications. Built-in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and black start functionality ensures an uninterrupted power supply during grid outages.

With 100 per cent unbalanced output and 110 per cent continuous AC overloading, this series exhibits resilience in demanding conditions. The inclusion of Type II surge protection device (SPD) on both direct current (DC) and AC sides provides robust surge protection, enhancing the system’s longevity.

Growatt is able to help customers maximise yields with multiple maximum power point tracking (MPPTs) input, optimising solar energy harvesting.

The WIT series boasts a DC/AC ratio of up to two and a maximum efficiency of up to 98 percent, ensuring peak performance.

In addition, scalability up to 300kW allows customisation to evolving energy requirements, supporting lithium batteries for flexible energy storage solutions.

The series also includes remote control capability and seamless connectivity through its ShineWiFi-X, ShineLan-X, and ShineWiLan-X2 technologies, making system management a breeze through the ShineMaster platform.

Growatt WIT 50-100K-HU/AU. Image: Growatt

The Growatt APX Commercial Battery System is designed to extend the capabilities of commercial solar setup with a seamless integration with the Growatt WIT Commercial Energy Storage Inverter series.

The company said this establishes a robust and reliable energy storage solution for commercial applications.

Thriving in diverse environments with an operating temperature range of -10°C to 50°C, the APX Commercial Battery System ensures optimal performance across various climates. Its IP66 design enhances resilience, safeguarding the system against dust and water ingress.

Backed by a long-lasting and ultra-safe lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, APX batteries prioritise safety without compromising performance.

Modular energy optimisation enhances efficiency, while passive protection through fuses and aerosol adds an extra layer of safety. The soft start feature defends the system from surges, contributing to its overall reliability.

The APX Commercial Battery System introduces unparalleled expansion flexibility, allowing the integration of mixed packs of new and old batches, and mixed packs of different SOC. This adaptability caters to the evolving needs of commercial enterprises, offering a tailored approach to energy storage.

Renowned for safety and reliability, APX Commercial Batteries complement the WIT inverter, creating a dependable energy storage solution for commercial applications in the industry.

As Growatt expands its presence in the ever growing Australian market, the WIT-APX combination stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering efficient and high-quality solutions for commercial energy storage needs to the industry.

The Growatt WIT Commercial Energy Storage Inverter, in tandem with the APX Commercial Battery System, offers a formidable solution for commercial applications.

Growatt says its inverters’ adaptability, advanced safety features, and modular design make them the ideal choice for businesses seeking to lower carbon footprint and optimise energy costs.

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