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Trina unveils cutting-edge solar farm testbed in Australia

Trina Solar

At the Smart Energy Expo in Sydney, Trina Solar showcased its latest solar innovations and announced a cutting-edge solar farm testbed project in partnership with the Hills Educational Foundation (HEF) near Brisbane.

The testbed will utilise Trina’s bifacial Vertex DEG19 modules mounted on single-axis Vanguard 2P trackers to evaluate performance gains from modern solar technology compared to an 8-year-old system.

According to Edison Zhou, Trina Solar’s Australia and Pacific head, insights from the testbed will guide cost analyses for future large-scale solar farm upgrades and replacements.

“As solar projects grow more complex, this testbed allows us to assess the true value of new integrated solutions,” Zhou said.

The project consortium also includes the Queensland University of Technology, which will research innovative ground cover materials like recycled items to enhance albedo and energy yield.

HEF CEO Joseph Marinov highlighted another key area of research – agrivoltaics.

“Farmers are keen to explore growing crops under solar modules. Creating that environment could help Australia’s agricultural sector embrace renewables,” he said.

Trina also also launched its premium Vertex S+ Full Black solar panels for residential and commercial installations at the Expo. The all-black modules pair sleek aesthetics with high-efficiency n-typeTunnel Oxide Passivated Contact TOPCon cell technology, and Trina is pursuing Clean Energy Council certification within the next quarter.

The exhibit featured other integrated hardware offerings like Trina’s upgraded Vanguard 1P tracker, with over 95 per cent Australian-made steel components supporting local manufacturing. It pairs with the powerful Vertex N bifacial modules using n-type TOPCon Advanced cells surpassing 720W output.

As a pioneer of total solar solutions spanning modules, trackers and energy storage, Trina aims to meet surging Australian demand across sectors. The nation’s total installed solar capacity grew 12.5 per cent to 34.2GW in 2023, while battery deployments are projected to more than double to 1.9GW this year driven by grid balancing requirements.

“Our end-to-end solutions reduce complexity and improve efficiency for projects of any scale,” Zhou said of Trina’s diverse offerings showcased at the Expo.

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