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Trina retains tier 1 storage status

Trina Storage has been recognised as a Tier 1 energy storage manufacturer by BloombergNEF for the second consecutive quarter in 2024.

This recognition follows Trina Storage’s strong performance in the first quarter of the year and highlights its ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in the energy storage industry.

Trina Storage’s success in the market is attributed to its robust research and development capabilities. The company has introduced advanced battery cells, including 280Ah, 306Ah, and 314Ah models, which feature increased cycles, enhanced safety, and improved energy density.

These innovations have resulted in cost reductions and performance improvements in their energy storage systems, giving Trina Storage a competitive edge in terms of safety and efficiency.

In addition to manufacturing batteries, Trina Storage excels in integrating energy storage systems.

The company’s ability to combine cutting-edge technologies with in-house storage products allows it to offer customisable energy storage solutions that deliver optimal performance and reliability for various applications.

Trina Storage’s financial strength further bolsters its position in the industry.

Recognised in DNV-certified Due Diligence reports and listed among the Top 5 bankable energy storage providers by BNEF in 2023, the company has demonstrated its solid financial footing. This recognition enhances investor confidence and supports strategic partnerships aimed at driving continued growth.

“We are honoured by BNEF’s recognition of Trina Storage as a Tier 1 energy storage manufacturer for the second consecutive quarter,” Helena Li, executive president at Trina Solar, said.

“This achievement reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations, from research and development to manufacturing, integration, testing, and financial management. We remain dedicated to advancing the global energy transition with innovative, reliable, and sustainable energy storage solutions.”

Trina Storage, a business unit of Trina Solar established in 2015, is now a global leader in energy storage products and solutions.

The company is dedicated to transforming energy provision through cost-competitive storage solutions.

With over 26 years of expertise in solar manufacturing, the company aims to lead the renewable energy transition and make solar energy accessible to everyone by expanding solar generation at scale.

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