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Tassie streamlines approvals for renewable

Tasmania’s renewable energy landscape is set for a significant boost as the Rockliff Government unveiled a streamlined approach to approvals for new projects.

Tasmania’s Minister for Energy and Renewables Nick Duigan announced the initiation of the Renewable Energy Approvals Pathway (REAP), a dedicated pathway designed to facilitate the seamless approval of major renewable energy initiatives.

“I’m very pleased to be progressing the new Renewable Energy Approvals Pathway – also known as REAP. The Renewable Energy Approval Pathway will provide a streamlined process for projects like wind farms and transmission lines, ensuring the continuous growth of our renewable energy sector,” Duigan said.

This specialised approvals pathway is a tangible outcome of the Government’s Renewable Energy Coordination Framework. The Tasmanian Government said it conducted a review within this framework, identifying the necessity for a REAP, aligning with other environmental initiatives within the framework.

Key components of the REAP include the establishment of a major renewable energy project case management team, definitive guidance on information requirements for major projects, and a coordinated pre-assessment process.

According to the Tasmanian Government, it is committed to exploring options such as bilateral assessment agreements, assessment protocols with the federal government, and the development of community benefit schemes specific to Tasmania.

Duigan emphasised that the Major Projects assessment process aligns with contemporary expectations, providing ample opportunities for public involvement through consultation, exhibition processes, and public hearings.

“Major Projects provides a more contemporary assessment process that is designed to align with community expectations of project assessment,” he said.

“Opportunity for public involvement will continue to be provided through consultation and exhibition processes as well as public hearings.

“The Rockliff Liberal Government will continue to support Tasmanians by delivering new generation capacity that grows our economy and create more jobs, while keeping power prices the lowest in the nation.”

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