Solar inverter company Sungrow has rolled out its latest battery storage solution for the Australian market. The SH5.0RS hybrid inverter with SBR Battery offers high yield, safety and reliability, and intelligent operation and maintenance.

It is tailored for Australian households and can be connected directly to all home sizes as well as large-capacity batteries. Users can gain a higher yield with its compatibility to high-power panels, 2.4 DC/AC ratio, PID protection, and prolonged work time.

The Sungrow SH5.0RS also features a seamless switching function and is equipped with an upgraded AFCI2.0 enhanced protection function. It boasts a compact design and adopts an ultra-thin panel, making it lighter than ever.

The hybrid inverter recently won China’s Red Dot Award for its design.

Sungrow also services the Australian residential solar market with its PV Inverter SG2.0-10.0RS and hybrid inverter SH5.0/6.0RS, and intelligent monitoring products such as the Winet-S and iSolarCloud.

To date, Sungrow has provided 10,000 hybrid inverters to Australian households, with more than 224GW installed worldwide.