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Sungrow launches PowCube4.8 energy storage system

Sungrow presented its PowCube4.8 residential energy storage system at All-Energy in Melbourne, which includes a 5kW hybrid inverter and 4.8kWh battery.

The company says owners of solar PV systems who are frustrated by low feed-in tariffs for unused, exported electricity generated on their own rooftops can increase levels of onsite consumption by installing batteries. The new system enhances the PV electricity self-consumption and helps cut energy bills, Sungrow says.

Consumers do not wish to purchase electricity from the gird during peak hours only to export electricity during low peak hours, the company says.

The PowCube 4.8 features an energy management system that manages battery usage for optimal efficiency. Sungrow smart control also allows remote system updates via wi-fi or ethernet.

The PowCube 4.8 is compatible with any single-phase solar grid-connected inverter and can be retrofitted to existing solar systems.

The battery is a new product designed and produced by Sungrow-Samsung SDI Energy Storage Power Supply, a joint-venture between Sungrow and Samsung, using Samsung prismatic cells.

The battery achieves high safety and prolonged lifetime through multi-level protection battery system and smart hibernation technology, the company says. With over 95% depth of discharge, the usable capacity is maximized to the highest level.

The Sungrow energy storage division has deployed more than 1.3GWh for more than 500 projects in the UK, Germany, North America, India, Japan, South Korea, South Sudan, Cambodia, China and elsewhere.


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