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WATCH: Stanwell progresses on big battery builds

big battery

Stanwell Corporation’s ambitious Tarong Battery Energy Storage System project has reached a major milestone, as evidenced by a recent video from the company.

The footage showcases the installation of 82 massive Tesla Megapacks, which weigh an impressive 38 tonnes, and these are just part of the heavy lifting required for the 600 megawatt-hour (MWh) facility.

This latest batch of Megapacks, delivered in April, follows an initial deployment of 82 units that arrived on site in February for Stage 1 of the project.

According to the company, with the final Megapack now lowered into place, the project is well underway. In the next phase, contractors will connect it to medium-voltage transformers. They will also install high-voltage underground conduits and feeder cables, and prepare for the delivery of the two switch rooms.

The Tarong BESS is Stanwell’s first dispatchable energy storage project and kicked off its goal to have 5GW of firming capacity operational by 2035.

Meanwhile, Queensland Government is doubling the size of Stanwell’s planned big battery in Central Queensland, making it one of the largest committed battery projects in the state.

The energy storage project, which was initially planned as a two-hour battery sized at 150 megawatts (MW) and 300 megawatt-hours, has been upgraded to a four-hour battery sized at 300 MW and 1200 MWh.

The project will form part of the Stanwell Clean Energy Hub at the existing Stanwell Power Station site near Rockhampton.

Queensland Premier Steven Miles said the government will supercharge the battery with $448.2 million from the Queensland Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Job Fund.

“We are delivering the big energy build for Queensland,” Miles said.

“That’s what our mega battery investment is all about – delivering the energy storage our state needs, while supporting good local jobs in Central Queensland.”

Stanwell is partnering with Tesla and Yurika on the project, which worths $747 million and will create up to 80 full-time construction roles and six operational roles.

Queensland Government said the bigger battery ensures Central Queensland has reliable, long-lasting renewable energy.

“This is the clean economy transition in action – cheaper, cleaner and more secure energy, plus a huge jobs boost,” Queensland Minister for Energy and Clean Economy Jobs Mick de Brenni said.

Stanwell CEO Michael O’Rourke said dispatchable assets like the big battery are essential for transforming Queensland’s energy system.

“This large-scale battery can be charged by wind and solar during periods of peak renewable energy generation and discharged back into the grid during periods of high demand or to maintain grid stability,” O’Rourke said.

“Our strategic goal is to have 5GW of energy storage operational by 2035.

“This project increases Stanwell’s dispatchable energy capacity and is critical to Queensland’s energy future – providing clean, reliable energy and generating employment opportunities, investment and growth for Central Queensland.”

Construction of the battery is due to commence in May 2024, with the battery operational by mid-2027.

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