A free home battery will be offered to each householder who rebuilds their home lost in this summer’s devastating bushfires, under an arrangement offered by the South Australian Government and local battery manufacturer sonnen.

“Installing a battery as part of the rebuild will help make bushfire victims new homes more sustainable, more resilient and allow them to access cheaper electricity,” said South Australia Minister for Energy Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“People who lost their homes in the fires need a helping hand to re-establish themselves and a battery worth more than $10,000 will reduce their future electricity bills whilst adding value to their new home.”

The Marshall Government will offer the 188 families who have lost their homes to bushfires across the state a free battery to incorporate into the rebuild.

“Kangaroo Island and parts of the Adelaide Hills can have outages due to storms, so rebuilding with batteries will make households more energy resilient by improving reliability and affordability,” van Holst Pellekaan said.

Sonnen Australia CEO Nathan Dunn said the bushfires have had a devastating impact for Australians.

“This initiative will help add significant value to those rebuilding their homes, alleviating pressures of energy costs and provide them with the control to manage their energy needs more independently,” he said.

The Marshall Government secured local manufacturing of batteries in South Australia by sonnen in late 2018 after negotiating a new agreement with the German company as part of the government’s plans to see 40,000 home batteries installed in South Australia.

The agreement allows the South Australian Government and sonnen to work together to promote local manufacturing of batteries in South Australia, delivering local jobs and slashing electricity costs for households installing the batteries and helping reduce peak power prices for everyone else.