SolarEdge Technologies has announced that it is launching its commercial inverter solution in Japan.


“Identifying Japan as an important PV market, SolarEdge invested in developing the right products to meet the needs and regulation requirements of the Japanese market,” said Guy Sella, CEO, Founder, and Chairman of SolarEdge.

The SolarEdge commercial solution consists of small and light-weight three-phase commercial inverters, sized 24.75kW and 33.3kW for both low and medium voltage connection, P600 and P700 power optimizers, and a cloud-based, module-level monitoring platform.

By maximising power harvesting from each module, enabling longer strings, enhanced safety, and lower O&M costs, the SolarEdge DC optimized inverter solution improves the lifetime value of commercial systems.

SolarEdge inverters have a standard 12 year warranty, extendable to 25 years, 25 year warranty for power optimizers, and its module-level monitoring is free for system lifetime.

As part of its commercial solution, SolarEdge offers a wide variety of optional pre and post sales services to support the installation and help ensure lifetime profitability of a SolarEdge commercial system. The SolarEdge commercial solution also includes optional control & communications gateway (CCG) and environmental sensors.