SolarEdge Technologies has won the Intersolar Award in the photovoltaics category for its HD-Wave technology inverter.

The inverter technology is a novel power conversion topology that significantly decreases inverter size and weight while achieving record efficiency, the company says.

By employing distributed switching and advanced digital processing to synthesize a clean, high-definition sine wave, HD-Wave inverters have less than half the heat dissipation, 16 times less magnetics and less cooling components than current SolarEdge inverters, which are already among the smallest on the market.

Inverters powered by HD-Wave technology are up to 6kW and have 99% weighted efficiency.

“Functioning as the brain of PV systems, inverters are integral in accelerating the pace towards grid parity and advancing PV proliferation,” said SolarEdge CEO Guy Sella.

SolarEdge vice-president of marketing and product strategy Lior Handelsman said: “The use of digital processing in our HD-Wave inverter technology will allow us to more quickly improve inverter size, efficiency and reliability than the current industry standard.”

The HD-Wave technology inverter is already available in select locations. SolarEdge plans for a more extensive rollout throughout 2016.