SolarEdge Technologies is presenting its next-generation power optimizer, new large-capacity commercial inverters and complete residential solution at Intersolar Europe.

The company says its new S-Series power optimizer is on the cutting-edge of PV safety and module-level power electronics and the unit is an Intersolar Award Finalist in the Photovoltaics category.

SolarEdge’s S-Series power optimiser will be available next year.

The S-Series power optimizer has up to 40% higher power density, is 38% smaller and introduces a new safety feature that extends safety to the connector level.

The new safety feature is designed to detect heat abnormalities and initiate shutdown before an arc occurs in order to prevent potential fires.

The S-Series power optimizer is expected to be available in 2018.

Based on its track record of optimizing commercial-scale PV systems, SolarEdge is extending its commercial offering with the launch of larger-capacity, three-phase inverters up to 100kW. The new inverters enable reduced installation time and cost, while also providing smart energy management control.

Coordinating PV, storage and home energy, the SolarEdge residential solution manages and monitors solar energy generation, electricity consumption, energy storage and device control, the company says.

SolarEdge will show its portfolio of inverters for residential installations, including the award-winning single-phase HD-Wave inverter, the new three-phase E-Series inverter (smaller, lighter, quieter and more efficient than the previous generation) and a new compact residential solution for 4-8 panels.

SolarEdge’s StorEdge inverter, a finalist for the Electrical Energy Storage Award, is one of the only solutions on the market that combines the management of PV, storage for both on-grid and backup power, and home energy management into a single inverter.