Solar Recovery Corporation commences collection of PV panels for recycling

Australia’s Solar Recovery Corporation has commenced the collection of used photovoltaic panels, and is utilising new technology to recover valuable materials and establish a circular economy within the solar industry.

With the issue of end-of-life solar becoming greater as more Australians adopt rooftop PV panels, the need for recycling has never been more pressing, with the materials recovered repurposed for new products rather than ending up in landfill.

Victoria has already banned solar panels from landfill.

Solar Recovery Corporation has sites in Biloela and Townsville, both in Queensland, that are now accepting PV panels for collection, with more drop-off centres to come in Southeast Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

“Throughout these regions, Solar Recovery Corporation will provide a wealth of employment opportunities, training and education for industry and non-industry employees, and financial activation for regional communities,” says Rob Gell, director of sustainability and alliances, Solar Recovery Corporation.

“In our first fortnight of collections, there has been an overwhelming response from industry bodies, including the Federal Government and state governments, local councils and solar installation organisations.”

Solar Recovery Corporation uses patented technology to recover materials from end-of-life PV panels, and does not use manual dismantling, shredding, pyrolysis, thermal, crushing or hydrometallurgy. This enables all types of solar panels to be recycled, with all materials recovered.

The company’s solar panel recycling portal can be accessed at

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