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Solar rebate program on the way for Queenslanders

One of ABC’s recent reports suggests that the Queensland Government is considering providing millions in rebates to encourage residents to adopt solar battery storage systems in their homes.

The proposed program outlines potential rebates of up to $4000 for households, subject to income eligibility criteria.

Despite the official announcement of the Battery Booster Rebate Scheme still pending, Queensland’s Energy Minister, Mick de Brenni, hinted during an interview with ABC Radio Brisbane last Saturday, December 9, that the launch could be anticipated next year.

Part of the scheme quietly emerged last week as part of a new regulation officially approved by the government.

The new scheme seeks to address the financial obstacles hindering the widespread adoption of solar technology in residential households.

Acknowledging that the upfront cost of a battery system in Queensland exceeds $9000, the regulation deems it “uneconomic for most consumers”.

While solar panel costs have significantly decreased, access to capital for batteries remains a challenge, particularly for lower-income households.

“Our Battery Booster Rebate Scheme is designed to do that,” de Brenni said.

The Department of Energy and Public Works will collaborate with the industry to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the program, including establishing an inspectorate to assess household batteries.

The Queensland and federal governments have each allocated $12 million over two years for the scheme, which could potentially benefit up to 4000 households.

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