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Solar Nerds unveil industry’s Q3 2023 highlights

Solar Nerds

Solar Nerds, Australia’s premier solar industry research group, recently unveiled its 2023 Q3 quarterly report, providing a comprehensive overview for each state, detailing the volume of installed systems, and showcasing industry leaders.

Nationwide, the solar landscape witnessed substantial growth, boasting a total installation of 793,066 kW across 83,981 systems.

Sunboost emerged as the standout leader nationally, contributing 26,261 kW, 2849 systems, and a market share of 3.31 per cent. In the STC trading sector, FORMBAY TRADING dominated with 182,414 kW and a substantial market share of 23 per cent.

In New South Wales, solar installations reached 260,926 kW across 26,882 systems, with Sunboost leading with 13,551 kW, 1410 systems, and a market share of 5.19 per cent. FORMBAY TRADING continued its dominance in STC trading, securing a significant market share of 20.04 per cent with 52,297 kW.

Queensland witnessed installations of 202,188 kW across 20,705 systems. Sunboost led with 5169 kW, 533 systems, and a market share of 2.56 per cent. FORMBAY TRADING still enjoyed the biggest share in STC trading, commanding a market share of 26.62 per cent with 53,820 kW.

Victoria embraced solar with the installation of 160,934 kW and 16,925 systems. INVINCIBLE ENERGY emerged as the top retailer in the state, showcasing 3075 kW, 390 systems, and a market share of 1.91 per cent. FORMBAY TRADING, again, is the champion in STC trading sector, with an impressive market share of 24.78 per cent and 39,883 kW.

Western Australia contributed 63,407 kW across 8145 systems. Solargain led in retail with 2281 kW, 299 systems, and a market share of 3.6 per cent. ONE STOP WAREHOUSE FINANCE excelled in STC trading, securing a substantial market share of 25.99 per cent.

The collective solar installations in South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, and Northern Territory amounted to 105,612 kW across 11,324 systems.

Read Solaris Finance‘s full report here.

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