PRESS RELEASE | The IGA at Berry Springs has installed a 60kW Solar Photovoltaic Power System with Solar Financial Solution’s (SFS) Brilliant Energy brand.

Under the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), SFS will sell power to the IGA from energy produced by the system at more than a 25% saving to grid electricity cost.

The IGA only pays for the energy it consumes. SFS takes all the risk of energy consumption during the term of the PPA. This creates a partnership between the customer and SFS whereby the most suitable system, based on the consumption patterns of the store, has been installed.

“We are delighted to have completed this installation in the Northern Territory which is an excellent market for our PPA with high solar irradiation and steep power prices in the region,” said Solar Financial Solution CEO Kevin Heydt.

“The optimal outcome has been achieved by working to meet the needs of the customer by creating a bespoke product that provides significant savings on electricity costs to the customer.”

SFS has seen a significant increase in interest in its Brilliant Energy PPA as an alternative product to its core Loan and Lease product suite.