APsystems was founded in Silicon Valley in 2009 and is now a global leader in advanced solar microinverter technology. APsystems presence is rapidly growing across the globe serving customers in more than 70 countries with offices in China, Europe, USA, Australia and South America.

In an exclusive interview with Ecogeneration, managing director Oliver Jacques discusses the new YC600 and why it sets a new standard in microinverters.

Why have you decided to bring the YC600 to the Australian market?
Australia is one of the top PV residential markets. The regulatory requires advanced grid functions like the Reactive Power Control that the new microinverter duo YC600 includes making APsystems fully compliant with the Australian market.
The YC600 is one of the very few microinverters able to meet the PFC requirements bringing this feature with the duo approach (two independent MPPT) and a very stable ZigBee communication protocol. The YC600 is a very competitive solution for the residential and small commercial PV in Australia.

What can you tell us about the YC600?
It has ground breaking design and features including a single-phase, smart grid-compliant microinverter.  The YC600 serves two modules with dual, independent MPPT and Zigbee wireless communication over a mesh network which offers faster data speeds than PLC. A true utility-interactive microinverter with Reactive Power Control (RPC) technology, the YC600 meets Australia requirements and is inherently Rapid Shutdown compliant. The unit also builds on the successful APsystems line of multi-module microinverters which simplifies installation and reduces logistics costs. LC and a wider MPPT voltage range results in a greater energy harvest for homeowners.

Why does it set a new standard?
The YC600 sets a new standard for solar microinverter technology because it boasts a 300VA peak output per channel and accommodating 60- and 72-cell PV modules. A wider MPPT voltage range means greater energy harvest for homeowners. The unit is shelled in a NEMA 6/IP67 enclosure and builds on the APsystems line of multi-module microinverters.  In addition, the ZigBee communication & free monitoring are reinforcing the advanced positioning of the YC600

Why is 600VA unprecedented in this market and what does that mean for Australia?
The YC600 duo microinverter is providing very advanced features in a competitive way thanks to the two modules connection capability allowing savings on installation and logistics. The 2.4GHz wireless ZigBee mesh network guarantee higher stability and is three times faster than the standard Power Line Communication. YC600 allows higher module power up to 300 Wp.

How important is the consumer market for renewables?
The consumer market is driving the chain of demand in the residential, with the democratisation of solar energy.  The consumer market is fast becoming one of the pillars of the market.

Where do you see products like YC600 heading in the next five years especially with the rapid growth in the Australia market?
The YC600 through its advanced grid functions, higher module wattages capability, powerful wireless communication and complete energy management monitoring will meet the demand in all the countries worldwide, including the countries requiring PFC like Australia. The YC600 is also the best solution for all social housing or multi-residential projects because of the more stable and powerful communication (ZigBee). The more complex monitoring capabilities brings a new communication interface ECU-R or ECU-C, lower O&M costs and more competitiveness (duo and higher reliability reducing O&M cost).