Selectronic has added the ABB UNO-DM-PLUS (ABB UNO), single phase range of Grid inverters to its Selectronic Certified offerings.

Incorporating Selectronic’s Smart Link and available in 3.3kW, 4kW, 5kW and 6kW sizes, the Selectronic Certified ABB UNO will replace the outgoing Selectronic Certified ABB PVI inverters.

The Smart Link communication between the ABB and Selectronic SP PRO battery inverter will allow fast control of the PV output from the ABB UNO in AC Coupled systems.  Thanks to highly responsive control loops, the PV control is the fastest Selectronic has achieved with Selectronic Certified inverters to date; this will result in smooth, well controlled battery charging for maximum battery life and smooth export control.

Up to five ABB UNO inverters can be controlled by a single SP PRO, allowing up to 15 ABB UNO units on a 3 phase system.  ABB UNO is ideal for Off-Grid systems, On-Grid with battery storage, or export control with an SP PRO.  The new ABB UNO is compatible with Selectronic Certified ABB PVI inverters already installed in a managed AC Coupled Battery system.

The maximum amount of ABB output per SP PRO is shown in the table below:


SP PRO Series II   Maximum combined AC Output of
ABB inverters per SP PRO
SPMC240 3kW 15kW 6kW
SPMC241 4.5kW 15kW 9kW
SPMC481 5kW 15kW 10kW
SPMC482 7.5kW 15kW 15kW
SPMC1201 7.5kW 15kW 15kW
SPLC1200 15kW 30kW 30kW
SPLC1202 20kW 40kW* 40kW

*If you wish to export more than 30kW, an external contactor will be required

Units are available for immediate despatch from Selectronic approved distributors across Australia and New Zealand.