Schneider Electric will supply electric vehicle charging infrastructure installer Jet Charge with Nissan Australia’s charging equipment.

Ahead of the arrival of new Nissan Leaf in August, 89 metro and provincial Nissan dealers will have Schneider Electric charging stations installed, helping to create Australia’s largest EV sales network.

Schneider Electric’s at-home charging solutions can also be installed by Jet Charge for Nissan Leaf private buyers.

Nissan global research shows that most Leaf owners approach the re-charging of their vehicle’s battery in the same way as their mobile phone – by re-charging overnight at home.

A 2018 study commissioned by Nissan Australia found 63% of Australians feel the move to electric vehicles (EVs) is inevitable, with 29% of consumers considering buying an EV.

Highlighting the support for EVs within the community and their significant sales potential, an Australian Institute report found most Australians want governments at the federal and state level to implement policies that will encourage more electric vehicles on our roads, and that they need to support with rebates and increased infrastructure.

Nissan’s charging stations will be installed over the next six months, in time for the Nissan Leaf’s arrival.

“By introducing more electric alternatives on several of our key models we will make mass market electrification a reality,” said Nissan Australia managing director Stephen Lester.

“I have no doubt electric vehicles will be a success here, and sooner than many think, and Nissan is planning for this now to ensure we meet the future needs of the buyer.”