The Australian solar industry has achieved another record-breaking milestone, with the number of households now enjoying the benefits of rooftop solar reaching a whopping two million.

Clean Energy Council chief executive Kane Thornton said the milestone recognised the growing appeal of solar for consumers looking to harness the power of the sun to reduce their power bills.

“Homes with rooftop solar installed are saving on average of about $540 per year on their electricity bills,” Thornton said. “Solar is a clear way for consumers to take control of their power consumption and cut costs, and it’s growing quickly by word-of-mouth.”

Queensland continues to lead the nation in rooftop solar, with four of the nation’s top five solar postcodes hailing from the Sunshine State. Bundaberg in central Queensland topped the list for the highest number of households with solar power, followed by Mandurah in Western Australia, then three other Queensland locations: Hervey Bay, Caloundra and Toowoomba.

According to Thornton rooftop solar acts like a mini-power station, helping to reduce the strain on the electricity network when it is most needed – like during hot weather when air conditioners are running full tilt.

“An average of six panels per minute are being installed in Australia, with the Australian Energy Market Operator estimating an average of 10-20 panels per minute if large-scale solar projects are factored in.”

Thornton also urged consumers considering solar to spend some time doing their research and not be rushed into making a purchase.

“Installing solar is a big decision. By choosing Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers and Approved Solar Retailers, customers can be sure their new system is installed correctly and safely and provides all the expected long-term benefits of rooftop solar.”




Capacity (kW) Number of systems Percentage of homes with solar
QLD 2,313,000 591,575 30%
NSW 1,783,000 448,925 15%
VIC 1,493,000 371,743 15%
WA 1,027,000 279,657 26%
SA 970,000 239,734 31%
TAS 132,000 33,287 14%
ACT 89,000 22,100 15%
NT 71,000 10,823 13%
Grand Total 7,878,000 1,997,844 20.3%