Renewable energy products distributor RFI has collaborated with Tesla Energy to become an authorised reseller and installer of the Tesla Powerwall.

“A battery storage revolution is coming and it will transform the energy landscape forever,” said RFI chief executive Scott Magee. “The most exciting thing about the Tesla Powerwall is that it is making the entire energy sector rethink the way electricity is generated and consumed.

“Energy Storage isn’t a future prospect; it is here, it is now and the push is on.”

Magee said RFI has seen demand for the storage solution “well beyond our initial expectations”.

The 6.4KWh Powerwall suits the storage needs of an average Australian household at night, RFI said.

The unit can also be used as a backup during power outages and store electricity from the grid when electricity rates are low.

“The electricity environment will completely change in Australia with control finally coming back to the consumer,” Magee said. “Coupled with solar feed-in tariffs being slashed around the country the momentum for storage will only grow.”

RFI has a solar installer network presence in every state and region, he said.

RFI offers an integrated solution by packaging the Tesla Powerwall solution with solar panel, inverter and monitoring products.


To learn more about the Tesla Powerwall visit the Tesla website.