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In the rapidly evolving world of renewable energy and grid modernisation, ATESS has emerged as a true innovator.

With its pioneering EnerMatrix line of containerised battery energy storage systems (BESS), ATESS is helping to redefine the standards of versatility, reliability, and safety in the energy storage industry.

At the heart of ATESS’ success lies its unwavering commitment to engineering excellence and a deep understanding of the unique demands of the energy market. Its EnerMatrix containers are designed to be true one-stop solutions, seamlessly integrating a host of advanced features that set them apart from the competition.

One of the standout capabilities of the EnerMatrix containers is the ability to support alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) coupling schemes.

This allows for lightning-fast 0–10ms on and off grid switching for the energy storage industry.

This versatility enables the systems to easily integrate with microgrids, provide reliable back-up power, and perform peak shaving and frequency modulation tasks, all while maintaining uninterrupted operations.

This level of responsiveness and flexibility is crucial in ensuring the stability and resilience of modern power grids, particularly as they become increasingly reliant on renewable energy sources.

The plug-and-play nature of the EnerMatrix containers is further enhanced with pre-wired equipment inside the container that, according to ATESS, reduces on-site installation workload by more than 50 per cent.

This streamlined approach not only simplifies deployment but also reduces the overall cost of ownership, making ATESS’ solutions a fit for its customers.

By minimising the time and resources required for installation, ATESS enables its clients to focus on the core business of energy generation and distribution, rather than getting bogged down in complex infrastructure projects.

Ease of operation and maintenance is another key advantage of the EnerMatrix containers. Designed with accessibility in mind, these systems can be maintained from the front and rear sides, minimising the time and resources required for ongoing upkeep.

This user-centric approach is further complemented by a robust temperature-control system, which is designed to ensure the stable operation of the system and extend its lifespan.

By reducing the burden of maintenance, ATESS empowers its customers to maximise the return on their energy storage investments and maintain optimal system performance over the long term.

But ATESS’ commitment to excellence extends well beyond the functional aspects of its BESS containers. With a IP54 protection rating, these systems are designed and built to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions.

Comprehensive safety measures, including smoke and temperature sensing, as well as an automatic spraying system that uses heptafluoropropane gas to extinguish fires, ensures the reliability and security of these energy storage solutions.

In an industry where safety and risk mitigation are paramount, ATESS believes its proactive approach to safeguarding its products sets a new benchmark.

Recognising the critical role of real-time monitoring and control in the modern energy landscape, ATESS has equipped the EnerMatrix containers with advanced communication features. These systems can integrate with existing energy management platforms, providing customers with instant access to all system information and the ability to optimise performance with the click of a button.

The communication interfaces used in these containers allow for seamless integration, enabling customers to monitor and control the systems remotely.

This level of connectivity and data-driven decision-making is essential for the efficiency and effectiveness of energy management.

Leveraging these advanced communication capabilities means customers can stay informed about the performance of their energy systems in real-time and make informed decisions to optimise their operations. This in turn helps to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the energy-management process.

The versatility of the EnerMatrix containers is further enhanced by its compatibility with a wide range of technologies, which allows customers to select the energy storage solution that best suits their specific needs, whether it’s for small-scale microgrid applications or large-scale grid support projects.

By offering a diverse range of battery options, ATESS empowers its clients to tailor energy storage systems to their own unique operational requirements and economic constraints.

ATESS’ global presence and extensive project experience is a testament to the performance and reliability of the EnerMatrix solutions.   

From off-grid solar plants in Africa to the hybrid power stations in Asia, the company has successfully deployed its containerised BESS across a diverse range of applications and geographies, solidifying its reputation as an innovator in the industry.   

This track record of success reinforces the versatility and scalability of ATESS’ offerings, making the company an attractive choice for energy providers and grid operators around the world.

As the world continues its shift towards a sustainable energy future, the demand for reliable and scalable energy storage solutions will only continue to grow.  ATESS’ EnerMatrix containers are poised to play a pivotal role in this transformation, empowering customers to harness the full potential of renewable energy while ensuring grid resilience and stability.

With its versatility, reliability and safety, ATESS is confident its systems will help redefine the way energy providers and grid operators approach the challenges of the 21st century. 

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