Brisbane-based start-up Redback Technologies launched its next gen Smart Hybrid System at All-Energy in Melbourne recently.

According to Redback Technologies the next gen Smart Hybrid System will include new capabilities designed to streamline the commissioning process and enhance customer experience. It will be lighter, have increased storage and a range of new apps for homeowners and installers that provide a more intuitive experience.

It features a 5kW inverter, new battery cabinet which is expandable and can hold up to 14kWh of energy storage. The system continues to come in a sleek all-in-one design which is outdoor rated for Australian conditions and has inbuilt UPS and is pre-wired with integrated DC isolators to improve the install experience. The next-generation system also has a wider range of intuitive consumer and installer apps, designed to provide installation guidance and enhance homeowner experience.

The new homeowner app provides real-time energy use data including total solar generated, total solar consumed and total power consumed from the grid.

Redback Technologies managing director Patrick Matweew says: “We’re all looking for ways to save money and reduce stress when it comes to our household energy bills. That’s why now is the right time for homeowners to consider a solar and storage system as it not only reduces household costs, but it also gives consumers the power to control their energy future.

“With the cost of small-scale renewable installations continuing to fall, there’s never been a better time to consider solar and battery storage.”

Easier installation

A key difference of the next gen Smart Hybrid System will be access to the new Redback Smart Energy Manager app, designed to make installation and maintenance of the system simpler and easier for installers.

This new installer app streamlines the installation and commissioning process through its easy to follow step-by-step installation and commissioning guide. The app employs Bluetooth Onboarding capabilities which ensures a smooth onboarding experience. By connecting the inverter to the web portal, installers can monitor the inverter’s performance in real-time.

“The improvements we are making with the next generation of system makes it much easier for installers in many ways starting from physical installation to commissioning and on-boarding and the app provides greater visibility in real-time,” said Matweew.

To coincide with the launch of the next gen Smart Hybrid System, Redback announced a new Installer Partner Program. The program is a national network that will create closer, long-term collaboration with partners and installers, providing detailed training, access to state-of-the-art tools, marketing collateral and assistance to generate leads.

“Since 2015, we’ve been working to deliver a product that has both the homeowner and the installer at the heart of the technology. With the next gen Smart Hybrid System, Redback is confident we are building the stepping stones to a safe and reliable energy future.”

The new Redback Smart Energy Manager app is available now for download from Google Play for Android or the App Store for Apple.