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RACV unveils major upgrade to Victoria’s EV infrustructure

The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) has announced an upgrade to its electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, with the replacement of first-generation Tritium chargers around Victoria.

According to RACV, it first invested in EV charging about a decade ago by installing some slow chargers in its Victorian Clubs and Resorts. Now, with the escalating use of these first-generation ultra-rapid charging stations, the organisation has committed to a comprehensive overhaul.

This initiative includes the replacement of first-generation Tritium chargers, an increase in the number of charging stations, and the contemplation of further expanding RACV’s public charging network. The scheduled upgrades are slated to commence in February 2024, with completion expected by the middle of 2025.

RACV claimed all upgraded charging stations will be seamlessly connected via apps, providing access to one of Australia’s largest charging networks, featuring over 1800 public plugs and growing at a rate exceeding 90 per month.

In a statement, RACV said it aimed to enhance the reliability and efficiency of its charging network, offering a substantial boost to EV owners across Victoria. The new chargers will be strategically installed at RACV’s seven public charging sites: Euroa, Barnawartha North, Airport West, Torquay, Horsham, Moe, and Ballarat.

RACV general manager energy Greg Edye said it is time to replace the first-generation technology with new high-quality chargers of varying speeds.

“RACV will be replacing 24 Tritium DC chargers at RACV’s seven public charging sites. These achieve an 80 per cent charge in 15-30 minutes (depending on the EV make/model) for users looking for close to a full charge in a short time. RACV will also be installing six new fast DC chargers (50KW) at Victorian RACV Clubs and Resorts. These achieve an 80 per cent charge in one to two hours (depending on EV battery size) for users having a day activity at a resort,” Edye said.

“RACV are also looking to further invest in locations which tie in RACV Club and Resort facilities to customers visiting from all parts of Victoria and will have further announcements to make on this in the coming period.”

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