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Queenslanders get $4k rebates for solar batteries

Queenslanders have been given the opportunity to reduce their electricity bills with the launch of a new initiative by the state government.

The Battery Booster program, announced by Queensland’s Minister for Energy and Clean Economy Jobs Mick de Brenni, promises rebates of up to $4000 for approximately 2000 eligible households to install solar battery systems.

The program aims to support households in lowering the costs of their electricity bills by harnessing solar energy and storing it for later use.

Under the $10 million program, households with a new or existing solar PV system of at least 5 kilowatts are eligible for rebates ranging from $3000 to $4000, depending on their annual taxable income.

For households with a combined annual taxable income of $180,000 or less, a $3000 rebate is available, while those earning less than $66,667 annually can receive the higher rebate of $4000.

To qualify for the rebates, homeowners must choose approved installers and battery systems.

Minister de Brenni said that the initiative aims to empower Queenslanders to leverage the state’s abundant sunshine for economic and environmental benefits.

“With about 150 rooftop solar installations every day, Queensland has the highest rate of rooftop solar installations the nation, and it’s clear that Queenslanders are keen to embrace renewable energy the economic and environmental benefits that come along with it,” de Brenni said.

“The new Battery Booster initiative invites eligible Queenslanders to make the most of Queensland’s mighty sunshine, to help keep household bills down.

“We know that all Queenslanders are passionate about taking action on climate and lowering their energy costs, and that’s why we’ve targeted this program specifically at those households who may not have previously considered purchasing a solar battery.”

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