The Queensland Government has released their Queensland Solar Farm Guidelines at Risen Energy’s Yarranlea Solar Farm.

The Queensland Solar Farm Guidelines provide practical guidance for communities’ landowners and project proponents.

“These guidelines are a clear checklist for local governments about what’s needed for sustainable, community and industry led large-scale solar development.” said Minister for National Resources, Mines and Energy Dr Lynham.

“Over the past three years Queensland has seen an unprecedented wave of renewable energy investment worth $1.3 billion with the construction of 13 large-scale solar projects from Lakeland in the Far North to Dalby in the south-west.

“In the south-west alone, five large-scale solar projects are either underway or financially committed, bringing almost $640 million in investment and 670 jobs to the south-west, as well as more than 300 megawatts of renewable energy for the grid.” Dr Lynham said.

One of these large-scale solar projects under construction in Queensland’s south-west is Risen Energy’s Yarranlea Solar Farm, which was the venue for the Queensland Solar Farm Guidelines release.

The Yarranlea Solar Farm is in the second stage of construction and is located near Pittsworth, approximately 50km west of Toowoomba on the Darling Downs.  The farm will be approximately 250ha in area and have a generation capacity of approximately 100 megawatt (AC), being sufficient to power up to 32,000 homes.

The Yarranlea Solar Farm is utilising local resources where ever possible and is working with the local community to deliver the project with a minimum of disruption.

The Solar Farm will contribute to the green footprint of the state in support of the Queensland Government’s Green Policy.

“Yarranlea Solar and Risen Energy strongly support the Queensland Government’s initiative in developing the Queensland Solar Farm Guidelines and submitted a comprehensive review and provided positive feedback to the Government on these guidelines” said project development & investment director, Risen Energy (Australia) John Zhong.

“Risen Energy Australia has assembled an experienced development team with strong power industry backgrounds and have been able to provide a practical review aiding the development of the Guidelines,” said Zhong.

“Risen’s future developments will address and accord with the Guidelines, providing a road map for the engagement of the communities potentially impacted by development of Risen Energy projects.” said Zhong.


Image sourced from Shutterstock cc: ymgerman