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QLD-Bavaria research collaboration

The Queensland Government recently announced a $600,000 investment to initiate a research collaboration with the German state of Bavaria.

The funding will bolster seed grants and development grants in pivotal areas such as clean energy and storage, emission reduction technologies, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, and aerospace.

Leanne Linard, Queensland’s Minister for Science and Innovation, said signing the science research agreement between the Queensland and Bavarian state governments will let research opportunities flow into green and synthetic fuels, better energy storage, emission reduction technologies, and bio-economy.

“As we move towards a zero-emissions and renewable energy future, it is vital that we further our scientific knowledge and capability in the key fields that will support this future,” Linard said.

The Queensland-Bavaria Collaborative Research Program, a joint initiative under the Declaration of Intent between the Queensland Department of Environment, Science and Innovation and the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts, is set to benefit from this significant investment.

The program aims to foster partnerships and research collaboration in key areas that align with Queensland’s strategic development plans, including the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, Industry Roadmaps and Action Plans, and the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy.

Queensland universities and research organisations are invited to join forces with Bavarian research institutions in research projects to expand knowledge in these crucial areas. The State Government’s funding will provide seed funding to connect Queensland and Bavarian researchers on suitable areas of collaboration, and development funding for approved projects under the scheme.

A recent workshop hosted by QUT, in conjunction with a Bavarian university delegation, has already helped identify potential projects under the research agreement. Additional funding is provided by Queensland universities and research organisations that undertake these projects.

Markus Blume, Bavarian State Minister of Science and the Arts, said the partnership will see enormous benefits for research and development opportunities and provide an important stimulus for driving innovation in both Queensland and Bavaria.

“We are shaping our future together because we both know that we need to provide answers to pressing questions on a global scale,” he said.

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