Solar energy company Q CELLS will introduce its next generation energy storage solution, Q.HOME CORE, to the Australian market in March 2022.

It will be the first energy storage system to provide a 15-year product warranty as standard, providing a significant upgrade to the brand’s total solar solution for consumers.

Q.HOME CORE is the third-generation energy storage system from Q CELLS, and it integrates a solar inverter with a modular battery system developed by South Korean manufacturing giant Samsung SDI. The modular system allows additional batteries to be added when required.

As part of the Q.HOME CORE system, the Q.VOLT inverter is equipped with 5kW capacity and includes hybrid or AC-coupled options, and wi-fi or LAN connectivity.

The Q.SAVE battery carries a safe and reliable Samsung Li-ion battery cell with storage volume of 6.86kWh. This scalable battery can be paired with up to three units for maximum 20.5kWh capacity.

Q.HOME CORE also includes proprietary production and consumption monitoring with the Q.OMMAND HOME app, which allows solar owners access to data and the opportunity to optimise use of their system.

The energy monitoring system tracks the PV module’s energy generation and consumption while maximising energy yields by incorporating real-time weather information.

Q CELLS Australia will be one of the approved partners in the Solar Victoria Virtual Power Plant (VPP) pilot program.

“This Q.HOME CORE addition to the Q CELLS total solar solution allows homeowners the peace of mind of an outstanding battery storage product backed by our Fortune 500 parent company, Hanwha Solutions,” says Jin Han, managing director of Q CELLS Australia.

“We’ve had a fantastic response from our QPartner solar retailer and installer partners who like the Q.HOME CORE for its modularity and ease of installation, and the 15-year warranty to set their mind at ease.”