Photon Energy Engineering Australia will soon start work on helping supermarket chain Aldi cut its energy bills by installing 4.6MW of solar projects across 30 stores and a distribution centre in NSW and Queensland.

“Photon Energy is very proud to be cooperating with Aldi to transform its stores into solar power generators capable of providing a large proportion of their daytime electricity consumption,” says Photon Energy managing director Michael Gartner.

The 31 installations are designed to generate more than 6.3GWh of clean energy every year.

“Photon Energy will also provide state-of-the-art monitoring as well as operation and maintenance services to ensure the systems are highly reliable with the maximum positive impact for Aldi,” Gartner says.

Photon Energy general manager Robert Ibrahim told EcoGeneration that business managers are becoming more accepting of the benefits behind-the-meter solar can provide organisations not only for profitability but also for reducing carbon footprint.

“It’s a by-product of keeping the costs down – if they can reduce their energy consumption, save money and reduce carbon it’s a win-win,” Ibrahim says.

As solar slowly gets traction in the commercial and industrial sector he says inquiries are coming from “anybody with a roof space, from small manufacturing to retail to large manufacturing, warehousing – it’s every industry across the board, anybody who has real estate.”

Since its foundation in 2008 Photon Energy has built and commissioned more than 60MW of solar power plants across two continents. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam, with offices in Europe and Australia.