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NT leads in solar battery adoption

According to the Northern Territory Government, it has become a national leader in solar battery adoption, thanks to the success of the Home and Businesses and Battery Scheme (HBBS), aimed at promoting affordable purchases and installations of batteries.

Surpassing a significant milestone, over 2000 homes and businesses in NT now benefit from rooftop solar systems with battery storage, showcasing a trend over the past three years. Impressively, more than 30 per cent of rooftop solar systems in the region now include a battery, a figure five times higher than the national average.

The HBBS provides financial support to eligible homeowners and businesses, offering up to $5000 for the purchase and installation of a solar and battery system. This includes provisions for a battery if a solar system is already in place.

Launched in 2020, the HBBS has allocated over $12 million in funding, contributing to the purchase and installation of batteries complementing rooftop solar systems. The initiative has also injected over $45 million into the Territory’s economy.

The program witnessed a steady increase in applications, with 970 submissions recorded in the fiscal year 2022-23. In the current fiscal year, the program has earmarked $3 million to further support solar and battery system installations across the Territory.

Beyond economic benefits, the installation of battery systems is heralded for reducing electricity bills for households and businesses while enhancing the reliability and security of the electricity grid by balancing demand.

Eva Lawler, Chief Minister of Northern Territory said the Labor Government will always invest in programs that help the hip pocket of Territorians.

“We also want Territorians to have access to the latest and best technology as we build a stronger and more resilient power system for Territory households and businesses,” Lawler said.

“More than 2000 Territory homeowners and businesses have taken part in the Home and Business Battery scheme, assisting Territorians with their cost of living while we also work towards our renewables target.”

“This program has also created much needed economic stimulus, contributing over $45 million to the Territory economy.”

Kate Worden, Northern Territory’s Minister for Renewables and Energy said the Northern Territory climate is conducive to producing reliable solar energy, and this scheme helps for this natural asset to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and eases cost of living pressures.

“The Territory Labor Government is focussed on delivering programs that provide affordable, clean and reliable power,” Worden said.

“This scheme is one way we are building towards meeting our target of 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030.”

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