With Australian power prices soaring, energy retailer Nectr has launched an interest-free buy-now-pay-later plan for solar and battery customers.

With more Australian households seeking affordable energy independence than ever before, the ability to install residential solar or solar/battery packages on a plan is an attractive proposition.

“Our research shows that when it comes to investing in solar panels or household batteries, key considerations for Australians are upfront cost, having control over the energy that’s generated, and competitive rates,” says Nectr managing director Andrew Butler.

“We have developed our buy-now-pay-later plans in direct response to this consideration so households can easily reap the benefits of renewable energy.”

Under the plans, there are no upfront costs and customers can pay off the investment within three to five years.

“Making the switch to renewable forms of energy has never been simpler,” says Butler.

“By offering our interest-free plans, Nectr is on a mission to empower customers with affordable green energy solutions.”

Nectr’s buy-now-pay-later solar includes performance and premium range solar panels in three sizes ranging from 6.6kW to 13.3kW.