PRESS RELEASE | MPower and TrinaBEST have announced an alliance that will see the range of TrinaBEST battery storage products launched across Australia and New Zealand.

MPower will market TrinaBEST’s lithium-iron phosphate PowerCubes in 9.6kWh, 7.2kWh and 4.8kWh configurations, attractively cased and in a variety of colours.

The system, once installed, is AC-coupled, allowing it to operate independently of the grid during outages, and has the smarts to allow the stored energy to be sold to the grid as well as used in the home.

Speaking at the All-Energy Conference and Exhibition in Melbourne in early October TrinaBEST general manager Frank Qi (pictured above left) cited MPower’s extensive experience in battery storage – particular in off-grid applications – and its offerings of a number of other products for the residential market.

At the launch, the attributes of the TrinaBEST products were summarized as the modularized lightweight design which facilitates handling by a single technician; and the unique characteristics of the engineering and design which allows energy storage to be retrofitted to an existing residence without the need to abandon or disable pre-existing inverters, thus reducing the cost.

Independent installers present at All Energy noted TrinaBEST products were suited to the majority of Australian households because they could be easily tuned-in to existing rooftop systems without wastage of previously acquired equipment.

MPower CEO Nathan Wise (pictured above right) pointed to the bespoke commercial and grid scale solutions available through MPower’s projects business.

“We now have solutions across the capacity spectrum, from large to small, which makes MPower stand-out as being the expert in the field,” he said.