West Australia-based energy storage manufacturer Magellan Power has launched an all-in-one renewable energy inverter and storage system.

The Home Energy Storage System (HESS) converts renewable energy into useable power and stores it, allowing homeowners to benefit from solar power at night.

The company says the inclusion of an inverter brings installation the time for a unit down to about one hour.

Designed and built in Western Australia the 1.3-metre high HESS is designed for durability and reliability, Magellan says, and includes a cooling system.

Other benefits include an uninterrupted power supply function that allows selected essential power loads to remain unaffected in the case of a blackout.

The re-designed HESS can still be monitored via smart phone or tablet, be charged from solar panels or the grid, and contains Lithium LG Chem batteries, which come with a 10-year warranty.

Magellan Power managing director Masoud Abshar said, “We will be making more than 2,000 HESS’s in the coming financial year to cater for massive Australian and international demand. This means we can keep providing more jobs to West Australian engineers, technicians and others like we have for the past 25 years.”

The HESS is available in 6.5 and 13kWh versions with 5kVA inverters. The modular design allows for scalable installations and the unit is ready for energy trading.