Wind of Change

The project pipeline for wind farms around Australia is filling faster than ever before, writes Jeremy Chunn. Whether these future facilities will power the NEM or hydrogen exports, it’s clear that investors back the technology. But will the wind buildout be a breeze?

Dreamy EV Rollout or Nightmare for the Grid

As EVs very slowly replace petrol-powered cars, networks, consumers, infrastructure companies and policymakers must very quickly adapt their thinking and services, according to a panel at All-Energy 2020.

Focus Sharpens on Solar Training

The solar sector — utility-scale and rooftop systems big and small — will see steady growth for at least the next two decades as coal is replaced. The institutions that train PV installers will be busier and more scrutinised than ever, writes Jeremy Chunn.

Measurement and Verification Next Wave of Rewarded Energy Savings

There are infinite ways in which energy savings can be incentivised using rigorous measurement and verification methods, writes Hamish McGovern.


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