The first Australian installation of the GCL solar storage battery has taken place in Brisbane at Instyle Solar of Brendale.

The battery is suitable for households with solar panels, the company says, so that surplus electricity can be used during the night.

“The great thing about the GCL batteries is they are compatible with existing solar systems and are expandable for future requirements by adding more batteries on,” said a spokesman for Perth-based installer Solar Naturally.

The lithium-ion batteries use the latest technology cells from Panasonic. The GCL E-Kwbe batteries are half the weight of competitors, the company says, and can be linked to provide up to 45kW/h of storage. The unit has an instant delivery capability of up to 5.0kW.

The wall-mounted battery comes in 2.5kW/h or 5.6kW/h versions, weighing 25kg and 45kg respectively, and up to eight units can work in unison.

GCL solar is a $US29 billion company with a 25-year history. The E-Kwbe unit comes with a seven-year warranty.