LG Electronics has announced its first bifacial panel will be introduced in Australia later this year.

The NeONTM 2 BiFacial will be the latest addition to the company’s extensive high-quality solar product range and will feature advanced technology that enables light to be harvested from both sides.


The high-efficiency panel, which has just been awarded an innovation in PV award at the Intersolar Europe awards in Germany, will feature a peak capacity of 300W.

A clear backsheet replaces the black or white backing used on standard LG solar modules and exposes the underside of the solar cell to light reflected from below, producing up to 27% more energy than conventional modules in optimised installation conditions.

“According to the International Energy Agency, last year Australia ranked eighth globally for installed capacity of solar PV systems, and we hope that our innovations in the renewable energy space will help to accelerate Australia’s solar position worldwide,” said LG Australia marketing manager for solar Russ Prendergast.

The performance of the NeONTM 2 BiFacial panels can be optimised by adjusting the height at which the panels are mounted from the surface and by the reflective capacity of the roof or ground below. For example, a surface that is painted white will reflect sunlight more effectively, the company says.


In ideal installation conditions the 300W bifacial panel is capable of generating the output equivalent to a 375W conventional panel.