SolarEdge Technologies and LG Chem have announced the compatibility of SolarEdge’s StorEdge solutions and LG Chem’s new high voltage RESU10H and RESU7H batteries. The product compatibility will help further advance the accessibility to cost-effective residential solar generation, storage and consumption.

With both on-grid and backup solutions, the new offering supports increasing self-consumption, providing power back-up and enabling energy independence. LG Chem’s RESU batteries use Li-ion technology. The RESU batteries have a high energy density and are designed for high efficiencies and a long lifetime.

“Offering battery compatibility with SolarEdge’s StorEdge solution is ideal as the company is a leading global inverter manufacturer,” said LG Chem senior vice-president Sung Hoon Jang.

Designed to manage both functions with just one SolarEdge DC optimized inverter, the combined solution will include remote monitoring and troubleshooting to keep operations and maintenance costs low. The StorEdge solution will support both DC and AC coupling. The upgrading of existing SolarEdge systems is supported.