Fujitsu has been acknowledged by the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) for demonstrating leadership in sustainability by using the NABERS Energy for data centres rating tool, with Fujitsu saving more than 34 GW hours of electricity and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 30,611 tonnes of CO2-e, representing 33% less than the industry average.

These figures are calculated using the NABERS Energy rating tool, which indicates how energy and carbon emissions are being managed in a data centre compared with the rest of the data centre market.

Fujitsu became the first organisation to achieve a NABERS certification for its Noble Park data centre in 2013 and has continued to build on this success. It became Australia’s first and only technology company to certify and publicly disclose the energy and carbon performance of its entire data centre portfolio using NABERS Energy in 2016.

Mike Foster, chief executive officer, Fujitsu Australia, said, “Digital transformation drives demand for data centre capability and also drives the need for innovation in energy efficiency. Our goal is to drive down the impact of the ICT sector through enabling technologies that help reduce the share of emissions produced by the sector. In addition to lower carbon emissions, being energy efficient also delivers business benefits by reducing operational expenses for our customers.”

“The NABERS ratings are an important way to demonstrate the transparency and commitment with which Fujitsu approaches sustainability. Supporting this sustainability vision and contributing to business efficiency in all areas leads to innovative opportunities to ensure Fujitsu is different, relevant and continues to create new value for customers. At Fujitsu we believe it is crucial to meet our increasing power requirements but not at the cost of our environment,” said Foster.

Fujitsu Australia is striving towards a 2020 target of a 4.5-star NABERS rating across the data centre portfolio and has already achieved a four-star rating across three of its data centres, with the remaining three not far behind. NABERS Energy rating is calculated based on Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), and the results are communicated via a simple 6-star rating scale, where 1-star represents poor performance, and 3-star is average.

Energy Efficiency Council CEO and member of the NABERS National Steering Committee, Luke Menzel, welcomed Fujitsu’s commitment to using NABERS to consistently achieve highly efficient data centres:

“Fujitsu is the first technology company in Australia to certify all its data centres using NABERS Energy. This gives them a robust baseline it can use to compares energy performance to the industry average, and monitor progress towards its ambitious energy efficiency targets.”

“Fujitsu’s leadership is to be commended, and is an example of business acting to drive big savings, both in terms of energy costs and carbon.”