Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has announced a $100 million program to fund community renewable energy projects across the country.

The proposed plan revolves around up to 10 so-called Community Power Hubs, which would work with local communities to support the development of renewable projects, by providing legal and technical expertise as well as start-up funding. Examples of projects that could be eligible include:

  • “Solar gardens” or shared arrays of solar panels for groups of renters.
  • Retrofitting of existing social housing to promote energy efficiency.
  • Community wind farms.
  • Working with social housing and aged care providers on solar rooftop installations.

“Every Australian deserves the chance to benefit from the rise of renewable energy, wherever they live,” said Mr Shorten.

“In the past decade, the number of household installations of solar panels has soared from just over 1,000 to 1.5 million today. The take-up rate of rooftop solar has been highest in outer metropolitan and regional areas, contrary to the mistaken idea that it is most popular among inner-city and higher-income households.

“Labor believes all households should have access to renewable energy if they want it, and not just those lucky enough to live in dwellings that make it easy,” he said.

For more information on Labor’s plan for community renewable energy, visit www.100positivepolicies.org.au/community_power_network_fact_sheet