As part of its strategy of global expansion Chinese PV inverter maker Kstar is establishing branches in Australia, including a service centre in Sydney.

According to the IHS 2016 report, Kstar has 13% global market share in the single-phase UPS (5 to 20kVA) and 7.1% global market share in three-phase UPS (6-20kVA). Kstar products are used in 92 countries.

“Headquarters in China see great potential in the overseas market and the decision has been made to put more resources in this area,” said Kstar Australia director Leo Liu.

“Our aim is to provide quality PV inverters and service. This includes the establishment of the Australian branch including the service centre in Sydney.”

In the Chinese domestic market Kstar has 13% share of large central PV inverter (greater than 500kW) market.

Kstar is also setting up branch offices in the Netherlands, India, Thailand and Pakistan.

Liu said the Kstar KSG series inverters comply with the new Australian Standard and are ready for the market.

Its KSG-5KW-DM inverter with dual MPPT tracker has up to 97.5% high efficiency and weighs 15.5kg, he said.


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