Jinko Solar has won its fifth All Quality Matters Award for PV Module Energy Yield Simulation (Mono Group) at the Solar Congress 2019 organized by TÜV Rheinland.

Evaluation of energy yield simulation is based on performance testing of samples randomly selected from mass production under global conditions that range from irradiance of 100-1100W/m2 and temperatures of 15-75°C.

JinkoSolar ranked first in testing conducted for the mono group and was recognized for outstanding energy yield and its high quality standards.

Solar panel quality is the key to ensure the real electricity output in the field and secure PV project investment, the company said in a statement. A low-quality solar panel will meet a series of module failures like micro-cracks caused by the vibration during transportation, and backsheet failures caused by ambient humidity or ultra-violet radiation, reducing power output.

Independent third party DNV GL performs ageing tests at a more stringent standard than the IEC certificate, in order to highlight the ultimate reliability performance under the extreme outdoor conditions.

Jinko Solar has been the top performer for four consecutive years since 2014.