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Hoymiles enhancing rooftop solar output

Microinverter company Hoymiles is expanding its reach across Australia, helping customers optimise their solar panel performance.

Chinese microinverter manufacturer Hoymiles is adding to its existing Melbourne operation by expanding across Australia to support the nation’s solar system suppliers and installers.

Hoymiles has been supplying solar PV systems parts internationally since 2012, and the public company is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. It has established strong relationships with distributors in Victoria and is keen to expand its reach Australia-wide.

Hoymiles’ 1-in-1, 2-in-1 and 4-in-1 microinverters are ideal for Australia’s sunny climate, helping customers to embark on their clean energy journey.

A microinverter is one of the main components of a solar photovoltaic system. It converts direct current (DC) energy generated by individual solar panels into alternating current (AC) power.

Microinverter technology is a trusted way to get the most out of a solar PV system. The right microinverter can optimise individual solar panel usage, compared to string inverters where panels are connected in a series and the performance of the entire string is limited by the least powerful panel.

This limitation isn’t specific to a panel malfunction. A badly performing solar panel can be the result of debris or shade that blocks sunlight from a section of paneling.

Microinverters are installed for individual panels (1-in-1), pairs of panels (2-in-1) or groups of four panels (4-in-1), all which produce a high standard of energy production. If one microinverter fails, it will not negatively impact the performance of the rest of the solar system.

Microinverters can be relied on for many years, and different configurations allow for installation flexibility and the easy addition of panels in the future.

Hoymiles’ microinverters never reach higher than 40V DC voltage on a rooftop. This low voltage protects users from potential fires while panels are in operation. This also presents less risk from electrical hazards during panel installation and maintenance.

The right microinverter can increase the overall efficiency of a solar panel system, and Hoymiles’ 1-in-1 and 2-in-1 offerings are ideal for a typical Australian roof.

The company’s 1-in-1 microinverter is a flexible solar solution. It requires connection to just one solar panel, can be used across various applications, and has a maximum voltage of 60V.

The 2-in-1 microinverter can connect two solar panels at once, while still enabling module-level maintenance and management of the PV system by monitoring the power generation of each panel.

All Hoymiles microinverters enable module-level data to be uploaded to S-Miles Cloud, the company’s monitoring platform which allows users to monitor the performance of the solar system as a whole or individual panels, in real time, enabling swift identification of any issues.

The wiring method is simple on Hoymiles’ microinverters, usually only requiring plugging into a power outlet, which reduces installation time and risk. The failure rate of less than 0.18 per cent is lower than the industry average, and customers get access to 24/7 technical support, plus a 25-year product warranty.

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