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Holmesglen: Leading the change

Jobs and Skills Australia’s recent workforce study has outlined the imperative for Australia’s skilled workforce development to achieve renewable energy targets.

To meet ambitious goals by 2030, the nation requires 32,000 additional electricians, 450,000 jobs in clean energy infrastructure, and strategies to address engineer shortages and enhance inclusivity in training.

The study charts a crucial path toward a net-zero economy, where Holmesglen Institute emerges as a frontrunner, offering cutting-edge training in renewable energy that not only meets industry standards but sets them.

David Tolliday, Senior Renewable Energy Instructor at Holmesglen, said the institute’s success is rooted in its commitment to delivering the latest renewable energy training units.

This commitment aligns seamlessly with the rigorous requirements of the Australian Skills Quality Authority, accreditation pathways, and industry demands.

“Years ago, Holmesglen, like every other Registered Training Organisation (RTO), was delivering nationally endorsed and developed training packages for renewables that had become out of date,” Tolliday said.

He further noted that industry echoed this sentiment at the time; that renewable energy training in Australia wasn’t aligned with their evolving needs.

This narrative changed, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Holmesglen, other RTOs, regulators and industry organisations.

Together, they revamped the training pathways, giving rise to a new era of relevance and applicability.

According to Tolliday, Holmesglen offers more than basic solar training.

Alongside solar courses, the institute provides a diverse range of training, including safety courses and industry tickets for roles like riggers, as well as certificate courses in fabrication and welding.

Holmesglen offers more than basic solar training. Image: Holmesglen

This comprehensive approach ensures that graduates are not only well-versed in solar technologies but also equipped with a broader skill set that meets industry demands.

Tolliday, with over 40 years of experience as an electrician and 15 years in the renewable energy sector, exemplifies this commitment.

Central to Holmesglen’s approach is the Renewable Energy Centre of Excellence (RECoE), representing the combination of Holmesglen’s quality renewable training and a strong partnership with industry leaders.

Courses taught here involve vital products provided by leading manufacturers such as Clenergy, Solis, REC, Fronius, BYD, SunPower, Victron, and more.

In 2023, SunPower collaborated with Holmesglen’s RECoE to develop and deliver their installer-based program.

“Piers Morton from Maxeon Solar Technologies approached the RECoE for help in the delivery of their new practical SunPower Hybrid battery storage training. It is important that equipment manufacturers partner with quality training institutes like Holmesglen in the delivery of their programs,” Tolliday said.

This support ensures that highly trained employees contribute to better outcomes, translating to enhanced profits for companies that invest in Holmesglen’s training.

Holmesglen’s leading position in renewable energy training is also recognised by the government.

In late 2022, the Victorian Government fully funded a $2.1 million upgrade of Holmesglen’s renewable energy footprint, which will boost Holmesglen’s capacity to train workers for Victoria’s clean energy future and transition.

“Funding from this program was used to increase our renewable energy training facilities.  We now have EV charging and solar carports at RECoE and working solar installations at our Drummond Street campus for line worker’s training,” Tolliday said.

The impact of Holmesglen’s training is evident in the success stories of its students.

Many graduates, having completed their renewable energy training at RECoE, have expanded their businesses, attesting to the effectiveness of the institute’s programs.

According to Tolliday, employers trust the Holmesglen name, sending their employees for quality training that leads to tangible results.

The scientific nature of renewable energy has determined its ever-changing trend: those who lead the trend thrive, those who follow the trend survive, and those who go against the trend starve.

To industries and businesses, staying ahead of the curve in the age of renewable energy is not just a goal but a necessity.

Holmesglen is proud to be at the forefront, shaping the future of professionals who not only survive but thrive in this ever-evolving industry.

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