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Growatt unveils exclusive Australian inverter


Smart energy company Growatt has released its three-phase, battery-ready inverter for the Australian market.

Growatt has unveiled its latest three-phase, battery-ready inverter, which has been designed for the Australian market. This cutting-edge inverter offers consumers flexibility and sustainability in harnessing solar energy by integrating solar panels with energy storage.

The smart energy company’s MOD 3-11KTL3-XH(-AU) inverter embraces the battery-ready concept by enabling installation as a standard on-grid inverter alongside solar panels. Then as a site’s energy needs grow, or when the user decides to transition to energy storage options, the system can be expanded by incorporating the existing ARK-XH battery or the upcoming APX-HV battery.

To cater to increasing demand for solar energy in Australia, Growatt has upgraded the hardware platform of the MOD-XH inverter. The input current capacity of solar panels has been increased to 16A, enabling integration with 500W+ solar panels and improved performance.

Despite its lightweight design, the MOD-XH inverter supports a maximum 11kW load capacity with a battery, delivering efficiency and power to meet the diverse needs of Australian consumers.

A strength of the MOD-XH inverter is its compatibility with Growatt’s award-winning ARK-XH batteries. Available in various capacities – ranging from 7.68kWh (three modules) to 25.6kWh (10 modules) – these batteries cater to a range of energy needs for residential and small commercial users.

Growatt will soon release the next generation in its battery offering, with the APX-HV soon to be approved for sale in Australia. This high-performance battery boasts independent charging and discharging for each module, incorporating soft-switching parallel connection technology.

With protection features and a weather-resistant IP66 rating, the APX-HV battery guarantees safe and flexible energy storage. It also has a capacity range of 5kWh to 30kWh.

In addition to energy storage solutions, the Growatt MOD-XH inverter integrates with the Growatt Thor 11/22AS-S/P three-phase electric vehicle charger, showcasing the company’s innovative PV linkage. This integration optimises solar generation and self-consumption, reducing power costs for end-users.

The cohesive interaction between the PV inverter, battery and EV charger amplifies the overall energy efficiency of the system, presenting a smart energy solution.

Growatt is committed to a comprehensive smart-energy ecosystem, encompassing solar generation, energy storage, EV charging and smart power consumption. The company is committed to a greener future, in which everyone can play an active role in fostering a sustainable planet.

According to a recent report from global energy and renewables research and consultancy firm Wood Mackenzie, Growatt is in the top four storage hybrid inverter suppliers worldwide, with 10 per cent market share in 2022.

“Since our entry into the residential storage inverter market in 2015, Growatt has established distinctive strengths and advantages in this sector, offering hybrid inverters with powerful functionalities, ultimate safety, high yields and user-friendly operation,” says Lisa Zhang, vice-president of marketing at Growatt. “Families and businesses across the globe have achieved higher solar consumption and greater energy independence.

“It is our vision to build the world’s largest intelligent sustainable energy ecosystem for humankind. This ecosystem will revolve around solar PV, energy storage and EV charging, supported by intelligent energy management tools.

“We strive to provide families with a sustainable lifestyle, businesses with high-return operations, and communities with alternative power sources, paving the way for a greener future.”

This article featured in the October edition of Ecogeneration.

For more information, visit Growatt.

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