The small population of powerful solar sales tools has welcomed a new addition with the launch in Australia of OpenSolar, with the difference that the new entrant is free for installers and retailers.

OpenSolar claims to be the world’s first free, end-to-end solar enterprise application, “setting the stage for the next phase of growth for rooftop solar globally”. It is white-labelled, ready to accept users’ corporate identities.

The company intent is “to help solar professionals drastically increase their business efficiencies and, as a result, drive an upsurge in solar adoption”.

The tool was developed by solar veterans Adam Pryor and Andrew Birch, who in 2007 launched the industry’s first remote solar design software.

“OpenSolar is the next generation of solar software, with interactive online proposals, full 3D site modelling, battery simulation, data uploads from the job site, integrated CRM and workflow tools, and automation every step of the way,” Pryor says.

The tool will compete with solar sales tools PVSell, Solar Plus, Solar Proof and Pylon, which are all paid-for.

OpenSolar will earn revenue via a “bespoke proposals” service, where product manufacturers and finance providers pay for premium, personalized, branded content to tailor proposals for dealers – “to help them better sell products and services”.

“It is when a solar installer chooses a certain product in the design tool, in the customer’s quotation they will see that product with a logo, spec sheet, video and product photo,” says Birch.